Adventure Comics #479 (March 1981) Cover art by Carmine Infantino and Bob Smith.

Issue 479, March 1981, DC Comics ($0.50)

“Dial H For Hero: As The Silver Fog Rolls In”

writer, Marv Wolfman; art, Carmine Infantino & Dennis Jensen;
cover, Carmine Infantino & Bob Smith;

Silver Fog, created by Harlan Ellison



Issue 237, 1971, DC Comics

"Night of the Reaper"

story, Denny O’Neil; art, Neal Adams and Dick Giordano;
"From an idea by Berni Wrightson with an assist from Harlan Ellison"




Hardware #10 (1993) Cover art by Denys Cowan & Jimmy PalmiottiIssue 10, December 1993, Milestone Comics ($1.50)

“In Harm’s Way”

writer, Dwayne McDuffie; art, Rich Buckler & Prentis Rollins;
painted color, Jason Scott Jones (as J. Scott J.), Prentis Rollins; letters, Dave Sharpe;
cover, Denys Cowan & Jimmy Palmiotti

Introduces the character Harm. Character and story title suggested by Harlan Ellison,



The New Teen Titans #40 (1988) Cover art by Eduardo BarretoIssue 40, February 1988, DC Comics ($1.75)

“Round Holes & Square Pegs”

writer, Marv Wolfman; art, Eduardo Barreto & Romeo Thanghal;
color, Adrienne Roy; letters, Albert De Guzman;
editor, Barbara Randall; cover, Eduardo Barreto

Return appearance of Silver Fog “created” by Ellison in Adventure Comics #479