Limited Edition Print (200 copies)

art, Frank Miller

Signed/numbered print given out at a July 12,1986 Roast in Los Angeles.



Issue 27, May-June 1991, Absolute Entertainment Inc.

“Darkness Upon The Face of The Deep”

story, Harlan Ellison; illustrations/cover, Paul Chadwick


Artist Chadwick provides two paintings for Ellison’s story, one of which is also used as the cover. These two paintings were included in FPG’s 1995 Paul Chadwick trading card set.

All In Color For A Dime

1998, Krause Publications

“Comic of the Absurd”

editors, Don Thompson and Dick Lupoff


Nine page essay on the comic art and writing of George Carlson, creator of the 1940’s comic “Jingle Jangle Tales”


  • All In Color For A Dime, including the “Comic of the Absurd” essay, originally appeared in [publication information unknown]
  • “Comic of the Absurd” also appeared, in Harlan Ellison’s Hornbook, 1990; and Edgeworks 3, 1997

All In Color For A Dime

original Publishing unknown

“Comic of the Absurd”

writer, Harlan Ellison


Nine page essay on the comic art and writing of George Carlson, creator of the 1940’s comic Jingle Jangle Tales


  • All In Color For A Dime, including the “Comic of the Absurd” essay, were reprinted in All In Color For A Dime, 1998, Krause Publications
  • “Comic of the Absurd” later appeared, in Harlan Ellison’s Hornbook, 1990; and Edgeworks 3, 1997

Alter Ego #31

Vol. 3, Issue 31, December 2003, TwoMorrows Publishing

“Ellison Marvel-Land”

Ten page article reprinting Ellison’s original stories that became his Avengers and Hulk comics for Marvel in the ’70s. Features historical background by editor Roy Thomas.

Amazing Heroes #44

Issue 44, April 1, 1984, Fantagraphics Books

“Two Men Without Fear: Harlan Ellison Meets Daredevil”

writer, Bob Sodaro

Feature article on Daredevil #208, including interviews with Harlan Ellison and Arthur Byron Cover.

“The Ellison Comics Connection”

writer, Kim Thompson

Brief feature on other comic book stories by and adaptations of Harlan Ellison.


Originally planned: late nineties [1998/99(?)], DC Comics

writer, Harlan Ellison and Peter David; art, unknown

After he left Aquaman, writer Peter David mentioned that he and Harlan Ellison had talked about writing a storyline involving the Jack Kirby created Fourth World characters “Deep Six.” The story never got to an art or solicitation stage.


Ariel: The Book Of Fantasy #2 Cover by Frank Frazetta

Volume Two, September 1977, The Morning Star Press/Ballantine Books ($6.95, ISBN: 0-345-27319-2)

editor, Thomas Durwood; publisher, Armand Eisen; designer, Bruce Jones; cover, Frank Frazetta


story, Harlan Ellison; illustrations, Richard Corben


An illustrated version of the “Vic and Blood” story “Eggsucker” featuring two original illustrations by later Vic and Blood artist Richard Corben. The illustrations later appeared in Vic and Blood: The Continuing Adventures of A Boy and his Dog (iBooks, 2003).

Ariel #2 also features illustrated stories and artwork by Ray Bradbury, Edgar Allen Poe, Ursula Le Guin, Michael Morcock, Frank Frazetta, Bruce Jones, Jeff Jones, and others.

See Also

Click Here to visit the Ariel #2 Art Gallery



1992, Topps


Essay was severely edited from a page down to a paragraph because of an attack on DC Comics and their attitude towards creator rights. Essay was later reprinted in the Comic Buyer’s Guide.


1991, Underwood Miller

editor, Christopher Zavisa; cover, Bernie Wrightson


writer, Harlan Ellison


Retrospective on the comic art and illustration work of Bernie Wrightson.


But I Digress (1994) By Peter David. Cover art by Neil Gaiman.

1994, Comic Buyer’s Guide ($14.95, ISBN: 0-87341-286-9)

introduction, Harlan Ellison

essays by Peter David;
cover, Neil Gaiman; edited, Myra & Peter David


Collection of essays by Peter David, “Writer of Stuff,” and founder of the Friends of Ellison.


Canuck Comics (Matrix Books) Edited by John Bell. Cover art by Ken Steacy.
year unknown, Matrix Books

introduction, Harlan Ellison

editor, John Bell; cover, Ken Steacy


Price Guide and Bibliography of Canadian produced comic books.

Comic Book Artist #23

Vol. 1, Issue 23, December 2002, TwoMorrows Publishing

“Hell-Raisin’ Harlan Ellison”

Fifteen page interview with Ellison, covering his history writing and reading comics.

Comic Book Profiles #3

Issue 3, Summer 1998, Profiles

“Neal Adams: Supporting Interview”

Five page interview in Neal Adams issue. Interview covers Ellison’s various collaborations with Adams including “Rock God,” “Cordwainer Bird,” and “Crazy As A Soup Sandwich.”

Comic Buyer’s Guide #1115

Issue 1115, March 31, 1995, Krause Publications

interview, Maggie Thompson

Part 2 of 3 part interview promoting that ran through Hero Illustrated #21, Comic Buyer’s Guide #1115, and Sci-Fi Universe #7 promoting the launch of Harlan Ellison’s Dream Corridor.

Comics Buyer’s Guide (7/7/89)

July 7, 1989, Krause Publications

Review of Batman movie reprinted from Ellison’s Fantasy & Science Fiction column “Watching”

Comics Journal #103

Issue 103, Fantagraphics Books

Conversation between Stan Lee & Ellison

Comics Journal #115

Issue 115, Fantagraphics Books

Coverage of Journal/Harlan Ellison vs. Michael Fleisher trial featuring transcripts of testimonies by Ellison, Jim Shooter, and Gary Groth.

Comics Journal #53, 57, 65

Issue 53, Fantagraphics Books
Issue 57, Fantagraphics Books
Issue 65, Fantagraphics Books

Interviews with Harlan Ellison

Comics Journal #80,83,94,90

Issues 80,83,84,90, and others, Fantagraphics Books

Various issues of The Comics Journal feature essays and columns by Ellison, mostly reprints of the “Watching” column.


Crazy Magazine #1 (1973) Cover art by Kelly FreasIssue 1, October 1973, Marvel Comics ($0.40)

“The Future! Or What’s Left Of It!

“Breaking & Entering Pandora’s Box: a few crazinesses about the future”

essay, Harlan Ellison; illustration, Basil Wolverton;
executive editor, Roy Thomas; editor, Marv Wolfman

An illustrated, humorous essay.


Death Rattle #11

Issue 11, June 1987, Kitchen Sink Press

Features a one page text piece/review on the back cover by Ellison. [unconfirmed]

Detective Comics #598

Issue 598, March 1989, DC Comics

Batman Tribute

writer, Harlan Ellison; art, Todd McFarlane


A brief text tribute by HE celebrating Batman’s 50th Anniversary, illustrated by the cover to Batman #423. Similar tributes appeared in Detective Comics #598-600 by a variety of comic artists and writers, and other non-comics figures such as Terry Gilliam, Thomas M. Disch, Eric Van Lustbader, Samuel R. Delaney, and Penn & Teller.


Originally planned: circa 2000, Marvel Comics

story, Harlan Ellison; art, John Romita, Jr.

Around the time Joe Quesada took over as Editor-in-Chief of Marvel Comics in mid-2000 there was some discussion of a possible “Dr. Strange” comic to be written by Harlan Ellison and feature art by John Romita, Jr.



The Enchanted Apples of Oz (1986) By Eric Shanower

1986, First Comics

introduction, Harlan Ellison

story & art, Eric Shanower

Part of a series of original graphic novels set in Frank L. Baum’s Land of Oz by writer/artist Eric Shanower.


Fallen Angel Vol. 1 (DC Comics) Cover art by Brian StelfreezeJune 2004, DC Comics ($12.95, ISBN: 1-40120-225-X)

introduction, Harlan Ellison

story, Peter David; art, David Lopez & Fernando Blanco; cover, Brian Stelfreeze


Fire Sale (1989) Cover art by Jay Kinney
1989, Rip Off Press ($2.50)

introduction, Harlan Ellison, “Smokey Considerations”

editor, Mark Bode; cover, Jay Kinney


Benefit comic for Larry Todd, Ellison’s collaborator on The Chocolate Alphabet.


The Fish Police #26 (1990) By Steve Moncuse.
Issue 26, December 1990, Apple Comics ($2.25)

outroduction, Harlan Ellison, “Finny Friends, Adieu, Toodle-oo: An Outroduction to Fish Police”

story and art, Steve Moncuse;
letters, Clem Robbins; editor, Hilary Hughes


The last regular issue of Steve Moncuse’s Fish Police. Harlan Ellison also wrote introductions for the Fish Police: Hairballs (1987) collection and Marvel Comics’ reprint of Fish Police #4 (1993).



Vol. 2, Issue 4, January 1993, Marvel Comics ($1.25)

afterword, Harlan Ellison, “Baited Secrets Of The Deep”

story and art, Steve Moncuse;
letters, L. Lois Buhalis; effects, Paul Nagy; color, Tom Vincent;
editor, Diana Schutz; re-editor, David Wohl


The fourth issue of Marvel Comics’ reprint of Steve Moncuse’ Fish Police, published in connection with the early-’90s animated television series. The afterword, “Baited Secrets Of The Deep,” is a slightly edited version of the introduction included in The Fish Police: Hairballs (Comico, 1987), where the main story in this issue first appeared in color.


The Fish Police: Hairballs (1987) By Steve Moncuse.October 1987, Comico ($9.95, ISBN: 0-938965-05-0)

introduction, Harlan Ellison, “Baited Secrets Of The Deep”

story and art, Steve Moncuse; letters, L. Lois Buhalis
color, Tom Vincent; effects, Paul Nagy; editor, Diana Schutz


Collection of issues 1 through 4 of Fishwrap Press’ Fish Police.

Early print ads for Fish Police also featured a promotional quote from Harlan Ellison. However it turned out that the quote was actually not from Ellison, but someone who had appeared in a California Comic Shop pretending to be him and praised the book. The praise got back to Moncuse and the quote was included in the ads.

Ellison later did comment positively on the book in print, along with writing the introduction to this book, an “outroduction” for Fish Police #26 (1990), the last of the series, and an edited version of “Baited Secrets From The Deep” in Fish Police #4 (1993) the fourth issue of Marvel Comics’ reprinting of the series.


Issue 1, January 1988, Viz

introduction, Harlan Ellison


Issue 6, September 1995, Dark Horse Comics

Solicited but canceled. The contents of this issue became Harlan Ellison’s Dream Corridor Quarterly.



Issues 2 and beyond, 1995/96, Dark Horse Comics

No further issues were solicited beyond issue 1 of Harlan Ellison’s Dream Corridor Quarterly.

Artists, such as Paul Smith, had been mentioned, both in the press and privately, as potentially working on stories and Jan Strand mentioned on his website that he and Richard Corben would be adapting the story “The Man in the Juice Wagon.” This story would eventually see print in Harlan Ellison’s Dream Corridor Vol. 2.


Issue 33 (vol. 3, no. 8), December 1979, HM Communications

“Santa Claus vs. S.P.I.D.E.R.”

story, Harlan Ellison; illustrations, Gahan Wilson


Includes full page painted illustration by Gahan Wilson. Also includes a new “ten-years-later” introduction by Harlan Ellison.


Vol. 1, Issue 8, November 1977, Metal Hurlant ($1.50)

editor, Sean Kelly, Valerie Marchant; cover, George Proctor

“How’s The Nightlife On Cissalda”

writer, Harlan Ellison; art, Tom Barber

Hero Illustrated #21

Issue 21, March 1995, Warrior Publications

interview, Maggie Thompson

Part 1 of 3 part interview promoting that ran through Hero Illustrated #21, Comic Buyer’s Guide #1115, and Sci-Fi Universe #7 promoting the launch of Harlan Ellison’s Dream Corridor.

Hero Illustrated #22

Issue 22, April 1995, Warrior Publications

Featured comments by Ellison on issue 3 of Dream Corridor


Images of Omaha #1 (1992) Cover art by Rich Larson & Steve Fastner
Issue 1, 1992, Kitchen Sink Press ($3.95)

introduction, Harlan Ellison;
afterword, Neil Gaiman

cover, Rich Larson & Steve Fastner


A benefit book for Omaha the Cat Dancer creator Reed Waller during his fight with colon cancer. Features pin-ups and short stories by a variety of writers and artists from mainstream and underground comics. Creators donated their royalties to a fund, and Kitchen Sink matched the amount.


Originally planned: 2003, DC Comics

Dr. Fate story, Harlan Ellison; art, never announced

JSA All Stars was a mini-series featuring the modern-day incarnation of the Justice Society of America. Each issue featured a main story featuring one of the “legacy” characters, modern characters like Mr. Terrific who shared a name and theme with a classic, golden age character. Each issue also featured a back-up story, by a variety of writers and artists, featuring the golden age version of the character. As originally announced, Harlan Ellison would write the back-up story featuring Dr. Fate. Unfortunately, schedules did not work out and the story was assigned elsewhere.


Update: October 1, 2002 — All DC Comics books, cover dated 2002, featured a news/hype page called “DC In Demand.” A rumor/future project hype column on that entiled “What’s This, You Say?”, and credited to “Your Mole at 1700”, contained the following tidbit:

I mean, I’m not supposed to talk, but… …[hints of new Elric comic series by Michael Morcock and Walter Simonson and a Dr. Fate mini-series] … Or that the JSA will heat up further in another series with contributions by Harlan Ellison, Kevin J. Anderson, Michael Chabon, and other big names?

No Further info was given at that time.

Update: October 3, 2002 — Wow. That was quick. A few days after December cover dated DC Books went on the stand with the hint of an Ellison JSA story, the project was officially announced, without Ellison’s participation. The project, entitled JSA All-Stars, is an eight-issue mini-series concerning the modern day Justice Society of America. Issues 2 through five will feature a lead story starring one of the current JSA members, along with a back-up story about that heroes golden age equivalent. These back-up stories were to feature the all-star writer line-up mentioned previously. However, Ellison was no longer able to included among that line-up. According to the internet comic book news web-site Newsarama:

And while DC and writer Harlan Ellison were ultimately unable to work scheduling on a back-up story (as mentioned this month in the publisher’s new ‘DC on Demand’ information page), DC has still lined up an impression group of writers, including as promised a Pulitzer-prize winning author making this comic book debut…

In fact, the Pulitzer-prize winning author mentioned, Michael Chabon (The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay), was the only one of the three names mentioned in the DC In Demand article that was still attached to the project. For completists sake, and because it should still be a well written and drawn mini-series if you don’t mind the modern Justice Society team, here is the announced line-up of creators [lead story creators first; then back-up creators]:

  • #1 – JSA: Geoff Johns/David Goyer (w), Sal Velluto/Bob Almond (p/i)
  • #2 – Mr. Terrific: Johns/Goyer, Dave Ross; Michael Chabon, Michael Lark
  • #3 – Dr. Fate: Johns/Goyer, Barry Kitson; Darwyn Cooke (w/a)
  • #4 – Stargirl: Johns/Goyer, Mike McKone; James Robinson, Tony Harris
  • #5 – Hourman: Johns/Goyer, Adam DeCrocker; Howard Chaykin (w/a)
  • #6 – Hawkgirl: Johns/Goyer, Phil Winslade; Jeph Loeb, Tim Sale
  • #7 – Dr. Midnight: Johns/Goyer, Steve Sadowski; Brian Azzarello, Eduardo Rizzo
  • #8 – JSA: Johns/Goyer (w), Sal Velluto, Bob Almond

No release date other than “next year” [2003] was mentioned.

Update: March 2004 — In an interview with Jon B. Cooke for Comic Book Artist #23 (Dec. 2002, TwoMorrows Publishing) HE mentioned some of his potential future comics work:

CBA: So you will occasionally continue to write comics?

Harlan: Oh, absolutely. I’m doing some right now. If I had not gotten involved in terrible, terrible, deadlines, I would have already finished a Doctor Fate I’m doing for [DC Comics editor] Peter Tomasi, that takes place back in 1940. In fact, it’s a story that takes place immediately after the banquet story in JSA Secret Files. But I was late with it, and he had to reassign it to someone else, so we have decided that we’re going to do… I can’t tell you exactly, but it will be a one-shot, killer project. A kind of dream of mine come true.

It appears that this was the story originally planned for the JSA All-Stars mini-series. No official announcements or further news has appeared since the interview.


Astro City: Family Album (1998) Cover art by Alex Ross.

September 1988, Image Comics/Homage Comics

introduction, Harlan Ellison

story, Kurt Busiek; art, Brent Anderson & Will Blyberg;
collection editor, John Layman; series editor, Jonathan Peterson; cover, Alex Ross;


Collection of Kurt Busiek’s Astro City Vol. 2 Issues 1-3 and 10-13, a creator-owned superhero series written by story, Kurt Busiek with art by Brent Anderson & Willie Blyberg and covers by Alex Ross.

Letters of Comment

A life-long fan of comic books, Harlan Ellison has written letters of comment, both criticism and support, to comic books over the past fifty or so years. This list is a small portion, most unconfirmed, of some of this correspondence.


LI’L ABNER Vol. 14

Volume 14, 19XX, Kitchen Sink Press

editor, Dennis Kitchen; cover, Al Capp;
introduction, Harlan Ellison

Reprint of Li’l Abner comic strips from the year 1948, including a number of Shmoo strips.


Mangle Tangle Tales #1 (1990) Cover art by Scot Rockwell.Issue 1, 1990, Innovation ($2.95, ISBN: 1042-1584)

introduction, Harlan Ellison, “Roses In December”

written, Scott Rockwell; art, R.T. Schneider and Scott Rockwell;
letters, Tom Addis; cover, Scott Rockwell


An homage to George Carlson’s Jingle Jangle Tales, which Ellison discusses in his introduction as well as in his essay in the book All In Color For A Dime.


No Release Date Announced, Marvel Knights/Marvel Comics

writer, Harlan Ellison; art, Joe Quesada (rumored); editors, Joe Quesada & Jimmy Palmiotti

Rumored Silver Surfer story to be written by Harlan Ellison. The plot had been seemingly adapted to be a Dr. Strange story, said to be illustrated by John Romita, Jr., but unfortunately that project never happened either. Because plot is out-of-date with current Marvel continuity and Romita, Jr. has announced the Dr. Strange project, this is assumed dead.




1993, Mark V. Ziesing Books (ISBN: 0-929380-31-7)

novella, Harlan Ellison; front cover/introduction, Frank Miller



Midnight Graffiti #1 (1988) Cover art by Martin Cannon.

Issue 1, June 1988, Midnight Graffiti Publications ($4.95)

“The Function of Dream Sleep”

story, Harlan Ellison; illustration, Moebius;
editor, Jessie Horstin, James Van Hise

Musings #1

Issue 1, Fall 1993, Calliope Comics

Reprint of Ellison’s 1993 address to the San Diego Comic Con

Nostalgia Journal #28

Issue 28, 1976

“Exploring Ellison”

article, Carter Scholz

Article on HE in the fanzine that would become The Comics Journal. Features two-pages of reviews & comment about Harlan Ellison.


Partners In Wonder (1975) Cover art by Leo & Diane Dillon1971, Various Editions

“The Kong Papers”

cartoons, Bill Rotsler; captions, Harlan Ellison

Playboy (Dec. 1988)

December 1988, Playboy Entertainment

“It Ain’t Toontown”

writer, Harlan Ellison

Essay by Ellison on comics, renamed by editors


  • “It Ain’t Toontown” later appeared, under its original title “Did Your Mother Throw Yours Out?,” as Appendix E in Harlan Ellison’s Hornbook, 1990; and Edgeworks 3, 1997


Planned: 2000, DC Comics/Realworlds

“Exorcising Demons”

writers, Harlan Ellison and Peter David; art, Paul Ryan; editor, Andy Helfer

A “Superman” story that was to be part of what became a four book series examining DC heroes and their impact on the “Real World.” The book was mentioned by Ellison in several interviews and mentioned in preliminary press announcements of the series. But when the series was finally solicited over several months in 2000 the “Superman” book included was not the Ellison/David/Ryan book.



The Rocketeer (1985) By Dave Stevens.1985, Eclipse

introduction, Harlan Ellison

story & art, Dave Stevens;
letters, Carrie Spiegle; color, Joe Chiodo with Bruce Timm, Brent Anderson, Scott Saavedra, and Jennifer Frank


Sandman: Season of Mists (1992) Cover art by Dave McKean.

1992, DC Comics/Vertigo ($29.95, ISBN: 1-56389-035-6)

introduction, Harlan Ellison

story, Neil Gaiman; art, Kelly Jones, Mike Dringenberg, Malcolm Jones III, Matt Wagner, Dick Giordano, George Pratt, and P. Craig Russell;
editor, Karen Berger; cover and design, Dave McKean


Introduction for the fourth collection of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, collecting the “Seasons Of Mists” story from Sandman #21-28. Cover artist Dave McKean also creates an antique “portrait” of Harlan Ellison, along with all other creators, for the “biographies” section of the book.

Sci-Fi Universe #7

Issue 7, June 1995, HG Publications

interview, Maggie Thompson

Part 3 of 3 part interview promoting that ran through Hero Illustrated #21, Comic Buyer’s Guide #1115, and Sci-Fi Universe #7 promoting the launch of Harlan Ellison’s Dream Corridor.


19XX, Last Gasp Eco-Funnies


Reprint collection of stories from Slow Death, an underground comic from the sixties and seventies, featuring art and stories by R. Crumb, Rand Holmes, Richard Corben, Gilbert Shelton, Jaxon, Greg Irons, and others.


Strange Kaddish (1996) Cover art by Gray Morrow.1996, Aardwolf Publishing ($9.95, ISBN: 1-888669-01-2)

editor, Clifford Lawrence Meth & Ricia Mainhardt; cover, Gray Morrow

“Go Towards The Light”

story, Harlan Ellison; illustrations, Gray Morrow



Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Anniversary Reprint (1993) By Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird.

Issue 1 Anniversary Reprint, 1993, Mirage Press

introduction, Harlan Ellison

story & art, Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird


The Comics Journal #63 (May 1981) Cover art by Wendy Pini.Issue 63, May (Spring) 1981, Fantagraphics Publishing, Inc. ($4.95)

editor, Gary Groth; assistant editor, Kim Thompson; cover, Wendy Pini

“The Other Place”

story, Harlan Ellison; illustrations, Gil Kane

Unproduced TV Pilot by Harlan Ellison, featuring three illustrations by Gil Kane.


The Masters of Comic Book Art

Ken Vida Productions

narrator, Harlan Ellison; director, Ken Vida

Ellison narrates this videotape collection of artist profiles featuring Frank Miller, Dave Sim, Steve Ditko, Jack Kirby, and others.


Originally planned: early eighties (?), Fantagraphics Books (?)

writer, Harlan Ellison; art, Michael Kaluta

Rumored Shadow graphic novel to be illustrated by classic seventies Shadow artist Michael Kaluta. Never solicited.

For more information see The Comics Journal #54, 57, 61, and 82.


Visions of Arzach (1993) Cover art by Moebius.

1993, Kitchen Sink Press ($14.95, ISBN: 0-87816-233-X)

foreword, Harlan Ellison, “The Man On The Pterodactyl”

editor, Randy & Jean-Marc Lofficier; cover, Jean “Moebius” Giraud


A collection of art inspired by Jean “Moebius” Giraud’s character Arzach. Includes work by Sergio Aragonés, Mark Bodé, Jim Steranko, Michael Zuli, Gahan Wilson, Mike Mignola, David Mazzucchelli, Kent Williams, and many more.


2003, Underwood Miller

writer, Tony Caputo; special essay, Jim Steranko

“With the Eyes of a Demon: Seeing the Fantastic as a Video Image”

writer, Harlan Ellison


Non-fiction book concerning visual storytelling, focusing on comics and film. As an introductio, a revised version of Harlan Ellison’s 1976 essay “With the Eyes of a Demon”.


Weird Heroes Vol 2 (1975) Cover art by Jim Steranko

1975, Pyramid Books / Byron Preiss Visual Publications ($1.50, ISBN: 0-515-03746-X)

editor, Byron Preiss; cover, Jim Steranko

“The New York Review of Bird”

story, Harlan Ellison; illustrations, Neal Adams


Wizard #97

Issue 97, September 1999, Wizard Press

“The Wizard Q&A: Harlan Ellison”

Rather pitiful interview that even Ellison seems annoyed by. Discusses Ellison’s views on comics, history with Star Trek, and a few future projects.


1996, Wizard Press

introduction, Harlan Ellison



1998(?), Wizard Press

introduction, Harlan Ellison