Chamber of Chills #1 Cover by Gil Kane (?) and Tom  Palmer (?)

Issue 1, 1972, Marvel Comics

editor, Roy Thomas; cover, Gil Kane and Tom Palmer [un-credited]

“Delusions For A Dragon Slayer”

writer, Gerry Conway; art, Syd Shores

Original Story

“Delusions for a Dragon Slayer” first appeared in Knight, Sep ’66


From the Marvel Bullpen Bulletin for that month’s comics:

“ITEM! If you’ve latched onto the brand new premier issue of CHAMBER OF CHILLS, Marvel’s newest and most nightmarish weird-type entry – or if you dug last month’s JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #1 – then doubtless you’ve noticed that we’ve added something a wee bit new to this kind of anthology title! For the foreseeable future (and we’ve got a zingy new crystal ball!!), virtually each and every issue of these two mags, plus the fast-upcoming GOTHIC THRILLERS already in the works, will headline an eerie adaptation of a masterpiece by a major fantasy author! JOURNEY #1 featured a tale by the late great ROBERT E. HOWARD, creator of Conan and Kull – and the first ish of CHAMBER features a story by world-famed author HARLAN ELLISON, whose recent Again, Dangerous Visions hardcover volume is already destined to become one of the great s-f works of the 70’s! Also on hand in near-future issues of our terror-laden triumvirate will be the likes of THEODORE STURGEON, ROBERT BLOCH (author of Psycho), and a whole horde of the greatest names in imaginative fiction! They’ll be backed up by plenty of original stories as well, written by some of the finest scripters in the history of comix – and together, they’re gonna knock you right out of your haunted house!”

The two other stories in this issue are “Moon of Madness, Moon of Fear” by George Alec Effinger, writer, P. Craig Russell (credited as Craig Russell) and Dan Adkins, art; and “They Wait In Their… Dungeon!” by Stan Lee, author, and Russ Heath, art.

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