Issue 567, October 1986, DC Comics ($0.75)

“The Night of Thanks But No Thanks”

story, Harlan Ellison; pencils, Gene Colan; inks, Bob Smith;
colors, Adrienne Roy; letters, John Costanza;
“Edited by Harlan’s chum Len Wein”; cover, Klaus Janson


“The Night of Thanks But No Thanks” tells the story of a “special night for Batman!” [as it is described in the “Meanwhile…” column’s “DC Check List” for that week] Batman’s attempts to help his fellow Gothamites are met with a rather different reaction then he is used to.

This issue is result of a fifteen year old promise to former Batman editor Julius Schwartz to write a Batman script. (The title page includes the dedication “With Love, After Fifteen Years, For Julie Schwartz.”

The issue of Detective Comics it appeared in turned out to be a landmark issue. It was the last issue of Detective to be edited by Len Wein before Denny O’Neil took over as editor. With the next issue of Detective Comics (and the respective next issue of Batman) the Batman family of books entered their post-Crisis On Infinite Earth’s phase, with more continuity heavy stories, and a grim and gritty feel begun by The Dark Knight Returns mini-series.

Detective Comics #567 also features an unrelated Green Arrow back-up story, “The Face of Barricade!”, written by Joey Cavalieri with art by Stan Woch and Dave Hunt.