Epic Illustrated #6 Cover by Neal Adams

Issue 6, June 1981, Marvel Comics

editor, Stan Lee; editorial director, Archie Goodwin; cover, Neal Adams

“Life Hutch”

story, Harlan Ellison; art and adaptation, Ken Steacy

Story is in black-and-white.


Epic Illustrated was Marvel Comics attempt at a Heavy Metal-type anthology of science-fiction and fantasy stories. It also served as the launching point of their Epic Comics imprint of creator owned comics. Most issues of the magazine were edited by Archie Goodwin.

The second in a series of short stories by Harlan Ellison of the Earth-Kyba War that ran in Epic Illustrated. These adaptations by Ken Steacy were later collected by Comico in the Night and the Enemy graphic novel.

Also included in this issue are a chapter of Jim Starlin’s “Metamorphosis Odyssey”, along with work by Mike Saenz, Ron Goulart, Jean Bello, Steve Bissette, and Rick Veitch.


An updated version, in color, is included in the graphic novel Night and the Enemy (Comico, 1987).

Original Story

“Life Hutch” is included in the collections A Touch of Infinity, 1960; From the Land of Fear, 1967; Alone Against Tomorrow, 1971; The Time of the Eye, 1974; The Essential Ellison, 1987

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