Epic Illustrated #11 Cover by James Fox

Issue 11, April 1982, Marvel Comics

editor, Stan Lee; consulting editor, Archie Goodwin; cover, James Fox

“Run for the Stars”

story, Harlan Ellison; art and adaptation, Ken Steacy


Epic Illustrated was Marvel Comics attempt at a Heavy Metal-type anthology of science-fiction and fantasy stories. It also served as the launching point of their Epic Comics imprint of creator owned comics. Most issues of the magazine were edited by Archie Goodwin.

“Run For The Stars” was the third in a series of short stories by Harlan Ellison of the Earth-Kyba War that ran in Epic Illustrated. Thse adaptations by Ken Steacy were later collected by Comico in the Night and the Enemy graphic novel.

In Archie Goodwin’s “Overview: Notes On Stories & Contributors” column at the beginning of this issue Harlan Ellison is quoted as saying the following when first viewing the completed art boards for “Run For The Stars”:

“This is the best and most imaginative pictorial adaptation of my work that has ever appeared in comics. I’m knocked out by it. I think Ken Steacy has done an extraordinary job.”

Also included in this “Third Anniversary Issue” are a chapter of of Rick Veitch’s “Abraxas and the Earthman,” a chapter of Marvel’s Tolkien-esque “Weirdworld” by Doug Moench, John Buscema, and Marie Severin, and a chapter of “Marada the She-Wolf” by Chris Claremont and John Bolton, along with work by Leo Duranona, Robert Rodi, and Joe Jusco, and a remembrance of artist Wally Wood.


Reprinted in the Comico collection Night and the Enemy (Comico, 1987).

Original Story

“Run for the Stars” included in the collections A Touch of Infinity, 1960; The Beast That Shouted Love at the Heart of the World, 1969; Run for the Stars, 1991; Edgeworks 4, 1997

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