The Incredible Hulk #140 (Marvel Comics, 1971) Cover by Herb TrimpeVolume 1 Issue 140, June 1971, Marvel Comics ($0.15)

“The Brute, or The Brute That Shouted Love at the Heart of the World (In The Grip of Psyklop, part 2)”

story, Harlan Ellison; adaptation, Roy Thomas;
layout, Herb Trimpe; art, Sam Grainger;
letters, Artie Simek; cover, Herb Trimpe


Continuing the story of Psyklops from Avengers#88 this issue of Hulk tells the story of the Hulk’s adventures in a microscopic world and his love for it’s queen Jarella. It is described in the “Mighty Marvel Checklist” in the following fashion:

This one winds up the tale that begins in AVENGERS #88! But it’s a brand new ball game – as our green skinned golem takes on a world he never made – at the heart of the atom!

Rascally Roy Thomas, who adapted Ellison’s plot for this and the Avengers issue, a plot originally published in Marvelmania Magazine #4, decided to have a little fun in scripting the story and writing it’s cover copy. He describes it in the letter column answering a letter that praised the original Marvelmania story:

“And Harlan Ellison – who did the basic plot of this issue and the current AVENGERS as well, as one gigantic story – is welcome to do another story for us anytime he wishes. We truly dig a lot on his s-f masterpieces. In fact, since this issue will be on sale on April 1 – April Fool’s Day – the Rascally One decided to toss in the names of over twenty Harlan Ellison stories (namely, the entire contents page of Paingod and Other Delusions and The Beast That Shouted Love At The Heart Of The World) as bits of dialogue and caption copy in the very mag you’re now holding in your happy little hands! Happy hunting, Harlanophiles!”

I haven’t found the nerve to search through yet. Any takers?


  • Reprinted in the 1994 Marvel Vintage Comic Pack
  • Reprinted in Stan Lee Presents The Marvel Comics Illustrated Version of The Incredible Hulk (1982)
  • Reprinted in Essential Avengers Vol 4
  • Reprinted in Essential Hulk Vol 3

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Incredible Hulk #140