Vic and Blood #2 Art by Richard CorbenIssue 2, February 1988, Mad Dog ($2.00)

“A Boy And His Dog” Part Two / “Run, Spot, Run”

story, Harlan Ellison; art & cover, Richard Corben;
lettering, Diane Valentino; logo, Diane Valentino & Kevin Nowlan; editor, Jan Strnad


The two-issue black-&-white series Vic and Blood adapts the three “Vic and Blood” stories (”Eggsucker,” “A Boy And His Dog,” and “Run, Spot, Run”) that Harlan Ellison had written at the time. These three stories are three parts of a novel Ellison has said he would write about Vic and Blood (Blood’s A Rover). “A Boy And His Dog” adapted into the film A Boy And His Dog (1975) directed by L.Q. Jones and starring Don Johnson.

“A Boy And His Dog” is continued from Vic And Blood #1. Both issues of the series were reprinted in color in the NBM volume Vic and Blood (1989) and the iBooks collection Vic And Blood: The Continuing Adventures of A Boy and His Dog (2003).

Original Stories

  • “A Boy And His Dog” first appeared in New Worlds, April ’69 and has been included in the following collections: The Beast That Shouted Love at the Heart of the World, 1969; The Essential Ellison, 1987; and Edgeworks 4, 1997
  • “Run, Spot, Run” first appeared in Amazing Science Fiction, January 1981


  • Reprinted in Vic and Blood, NBM, 1989
  • Reprinted in Vic And Blood: The Continuing Adventures of A Boy and His Dog, iBooks, 2003

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