Weird Science-Fantasy #24 (June 1954) Cover art by Al Feldstein

Issue 24, June 1954, EC Comics ($0.15)

editor, Al Feldstein; publisher, William B. Gaines; cover, Al Feldstein


based on the story “Mealtime” by Harlan Ellison; art, Al Williamson


Weird Science-Fantasy was part of publisher William B. Gaines’ EC Comics line of science-fiction, horror, and other genre comic books. Weird Science-Fantasy began after two other comics, Weird Science and Weird Fantasy, were cancled and merged into a single title. The first issue, Weird Science-Fantasy #23, was released in March 1954. Weird Science-Fantasy #29 (May-June 1955) was the final issue, after which it changed titles again to Incredible Science Fiction for four more issues.

“Upheaval” is an adaptation of Harlan Ellison’s short story “Mealtime.” It was Ellison’s first published comics work. It is illustrated by EC artist Al Williamson who would find later fame illustrating the Flash Gordon and Star Wars newspaper strips. Ellison would collaborate with artist Al Williamson again on an adaptation of the story “Along The Scenic Route.”

Other stories in this issue include “…For Posterity” by Wally Wood, “The Teacher From Mars” by Joe Orlando, and “The Pioneer” by Bernie Krigstein.

Original Story

“Mealtime” originally appeared in Space Travel, Sept. 1958. It also appeared in the collection Ellison Wonderland, 1962.


  • Reprinted in EC Classics#7 (Russ Cochran)
  • Reprinted in Weird Science-Fantasy Annual Vol. 1 (Gladstone, 1994)

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