Weird Tales Illustrated #1 (Millennium, 1992) Cover art by John Bolton.

Issue 1, 1992, Millennium ($4.95)

“Shattered Like A Glass Goblin”

adaptation, Faye Perovich; art, Kelly Jones; color, Melissa Martin; cover, John Bolton


In the early-’90s, comic publisher Millennium Publications licensed the name of the classic magazine anthology Weird Tales for a comic book anthology title. It would feature a mix of new horror stories and adaptations of classic works. The first issue of Weird Tales Illustrated featured an adaptation of Harlan Ellison’s “Shattered Like A Glass Goblin.”

Other stories in this issue include “Party Games” by Faye Perovich and John Bolton, “Annabel Lee” by Edgar Allan Poe with art by P. Craig Russell, “A Visitor From Egypt” by Frank Bellknap Long adapted by Paul Davis and Eddy Newell, and “By the Light of the Silvery” by Les Daniels with illustrations by Tim Vigil. It also featured an introduction by writer Robert Weinberg.

A version of this story illustrated by William Stout is included in the collection The Illustrated Harlan Ellison.


Original story first appeared in Orbit 4, 1968 and is included in the collections The Beast That Shouted Love at the Heart of the World, 1969; Deathbird Stories, 1975; The Essential Ellison, 1987; Dreams with Sharp Teeth, 1991; and Edgeworks 4, 1997

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Shattered Like A Glas Goblin