Night And The Enemy (Comico, 1987) Cover art by Ken Steacy
November 1987, Comico ($11.95)

editor, Maggie Brenner; cover, Ken Steacy

Reprints, updates, and expands on stories, adaptations of Ellison’s Earth-Kyba War story cycle, that originally appeared in Epic Illustrated #4, 6, & 11.

[Untitled Introduction]

story, Harlan Ellison; illustrations, Ken Steacy

“Run For The Stars”

story, Harlan Ellison; adaption and art, Ken Steacy

“Life Hutch”

story, Harlan Ellison; adaption and art, Ken Steacy

“Untouchable Adolescents”

adaption and art, Ken Steacy

“Trojan Hearse”

text, Harlan Ellison; art, Ken Steacy

“Sleeping Dogs”

adaption and art, Ken Steacy

essay, Harlan Ellison, “Whispers From The Telling Box”


Collects Ken Steacy’s adaptations of the short stories Harlan Ellison has written about the war between Earth and Kyba, with revised and updated art and new adaptations to complete the cycle.

A two-page Introduction starts the book, telling the background of the Earth-Kyba war and leading into the first story. This is presented as an illustrated story, with text accompanied by two Ken Steacy illustrations.

“Run For The Stars” originally appeared in Epic Illustrated #11. It runs here with no major revisions.

“Life Hutch”originally appeared in black-&-white in Epic Illustrated #6. For this edition Ken Steacy has updated much of the art, missing newly colored pieces with black-&-white pieces from the original.

“Untouchable Adolescents” is a new adaptation for this collection. It is followed by a two page illustrated text version of the story “Trojan Hearse,” featuring a new illustration by Steacy.

“Sleeping Dogs” originally appeared in Epic Illustrated #4. It appears here featuring updated, newly colored cart for the whole story.

The essay “Whispers From The Telling Box” that concludes the book features Ellison discussing his hatred of “sequels” and the nature of shared universe stories such as the “Vic and Blood” stories that make up the novel-in-progress Blood’s A Rover and these Earth-Kyba War tales (and related Kyba stories like Demon With A Glass Hand).

Original Stories

  • “Run For The Stars” included in the collections A Touch of Infinity, 1960; The Beast That Shouted Love at the Heart of the World, 1969; Run for the Stars, 1991; and Edgeworks 4, 1997
  • “Life Hutch” included in the collections A Touch of Infinity, 1960; From the Land of Fear, 1967; Alone Against Tomorrow, 1971; The Time of the Eye, 1974; The Essential Ellison, 1987
  • “Untouchable Adolescents” first appeared in Super-Science Fiction, February 1957 under the pseudonym Ellis Hart
  • “Trojan Hearse” first appeared in Infinity, August 1956
  • “Sleeping Dogs” included in the collections Paingod and Other Delusions, 1965; and The Fantasies of Harlan Ellison, 1979

Other Editions

Night And The Enemy (Graphitti Designs, 1987) Cover art by Ken SteacySigned/Numbered Hardcover, November 1987, Graphitti Designs

The Graphitti Designs edition contains the same content as the Comico graphic novel in plus a new short story by Harlan Ellison with illustrations by Ken Steacy, in a hardcover edition signed by both Harlan Ellison and Ken Steacy. Contents, beyond those in the regular edition, include:

  • Signature page, featuring Harlan Ellison & Ken Steacy’s signatures and new piece of art, as well the number of the copy within the edition of 1500
  • A chapter divider featuring the art from the signature page, as well as a short introduction by Ellison concerning the new story.
  • “The Few The Proud”, a new Earth-Kyba war story appearing for the first time in this volume. Ken Steacy creates one new full page illustration, which was actually done before Ellison wrote the story.
  • “War Artist”, a new afterword by Ken Steacy.

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