The Twilight Zone #1 (Now Comics, 1991) Cover art by Neal Adams.

Issue 1, 1991, Prestige Edition, NOW Comics ($4.95)

editor, Joan M. Weis; art direction, Patrick Williams; cover painting, Neal Adams

“Crazy As A Soup Sandwich”

story, Harlan Ellison; art, Neal Adams;
color, Cory; letterer, Patrick Williams

introduction, Harlan Ellison, “Riding The Daymare”
original story, Harlan Ellison, “Darkness Upon The Face Of The Deep”


In the early-’90s publisher Now Comics licensed The Twilight Zone and launched an anthology title based on the classic television series. The series sent through several series, annuals, and specials. The premier issue featured an adaptation of “Crazy As A Soup Sandwich” by Harlan Ellison.

“Crazy” was an original teleplay from the 1980s CBS revival of The Twilight Zone. The Twilight Zone ran for a two seasons (1985-87) before being canceled. CBS than commissioned a third season of half-hour episodes so that the show could be run in syndication. “Crazy” was part of that third season of episodes, and was one of the last episodes aired, originally appearing April 1, 1989. It is the story of a loan shark named Arky Lochner who makes a deal with a demon and the deals he has to make to get out of that deal.

According to a 1998 interview with Ellison in Comic Book Profiles (Issue 3, Summer 1998) Ellison and Adam’s working relationship was contentious as they butted heads about many items including a hat on the main character Arky’s head that Adams refused to add. However, Ellison gives an overall positive opinion of Adams and even says he would work with him again “except,” he says, “I would have to take an awful lot of Valium.”

Other Editions

The Twilight Zone #1 Regular Edition (Now Comics, 1990) Cover art by Bill Sienkiewicz.Twilight Zone #1, 1990, Regular Edition, NOW Comics
cover, Bill Sienkiewicz

  • Includes the story “Crazy As A Soup Sandwich” and the introduction “Riding the Daymare” from the Prestige edition
  • An additional, non-Ellison story “Wishing Book” by Don Glut, Eddy Newell & John Stangeland
  • A new cover by Bill Sienkiewicz
  • As well as ads and NOW Comics promo pages, which don’t appear in the ad-free Prestige Edition.

The Twilight Zone Premiere Edition (Now Comics, 1991) Cover art by Neal Adams.Twilight Zone, October 1991, Premiere Edition, NOW Comics
cover, Neal Adams

  • Printed a year after other editions, as a way of promoting the start of Twilight Zone, Volume Two [Volume One consisted solely of Twilight Zone #1 (Regular Edition) before changes in NOW Comics ownership put the series on hold.]
  • Includes the story “Crazy As A Soup Sandwich” and the introduction “Riding the Daymare” from the other editions
  • A letters page, “Enter… The Twilight Zone”, featuring letters in response to the original publication of Twilight Zone #1, as well as information on what happened to the unpublished Twilight Zone #2.
  • The same Neal Adams cover as the Prestige Edition, but front cover only.
  • A NOW Comics promo page (“Newsflash NOW”) with information on the Twilight Zone series, as well as a photo of NOW publisher Tony Caputo and Harlan & Susan Ellison at the 1991 San Diego Comi-Con.
  • Other NOW Comics ads and promo pages.

Twilight Zone #1, 1991, Gold Edition, NOW Comics

  • Includes the story “Crazy As A Soup Sandwich,” the introduction “Riding the Daymare,” and the story “Darkness Upon The Face Of The Deep” from the Prestige edition, along with an interview with Ellison by Susan Ellison. The Gold Edition came polybagged, sealed, and autographed on printed label on bag.

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Crazy As A Soup Sandwhich

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