Harlan Ellison

Volume One, October 1996, Dark Horse Comics ($18.95, ISBN: 1-56971-210-7)

editors, Harlan Ellison with Bob Schreck, Anina Bennett, & Lynn Adair

front cover, Leo & Diane Dillon; inside front cover, Overton Loyd

[Framing Sequence]

story, Harlan Ellison; art, Eric Shanower;
colors, James Sinclair, Rachelle Menashe, Bernie Mireault, & Matt Hollingsworth; letters, Sean Konot

Other credits after the break


adaptation, Len Wein; pencils, Pat Broderick; inks, Ralph Cabrera;
color, Matt Hollingsworth; letters, Sean Konot

“The End of the Time of Leinard”

adaptation, Faye Perovich; art, Doug Wildey; letters, L. Lois Buhalis

“Rat Hater”

adaptation, Faye Perovich; art, Michael T. Gilbert;
color, Marcus David; letters, Sean Konot

“If This Be Utopia”

art & adaption, Phil Foglio; with Matt Howarth;
color, Marcus David; letters, Sean Konot

“On The Slab”

adaptation, Faye Perovich; art, Gary Gianni;
color, James Sinclair; letters, Sean Konot


adaption, Diana Schutz; art, Teddy Kristiansen


adaption, Max Alan Collins; art, Craig Elliot; letters, Sean Konot


adaption, Steve Niles; art & letters, John K. Snyder, III

“Enter the Fanatic, Stage Center”

adaption, Stefan Petrucha; art, Tom Sutton;
color, Rachelle Menashe; letters, Sean Konot

“Pride of the Profession”

adaption, Nancy A. Collins; art, Heinrich Kipper; letters, Sean Konot

“Rough Boys”

adaption, Jan Strnad; art, Skip Williamson; letters, Sean Konot

“Cold Friend”

adaption, R.A. Jones; art, David Lapham;
color, Julia Lacquement; letters, Sean Konot


adaption, Peter David; art, Mike Deodato, Jr.; letters, Sean Konot

How’s The Nightlife On Cissalda”

adaption, Faye Perovich; art, Eric White

Collected Stories Behind The Cover

all stories by Harlan Ellison

covers, Stephen Hickman & Michael Whelan, “Midnight In The Sunken Cathedral”

cover, Sam Raffa, “Pulling Hard Time”

cover, Leo & Diane Dillon, “Anywhere But Here, With Anyone But You”

cover, Jane McKenzie, “Chatting With Anibus”

cover, Ron Brown, “The Museum On Cyclops Avenue”


Harlan Ellison’s Dream Corridor Vol. 1 collects the contents of the Harlan Ellison’s Dream Corridor Special as well as HEDC #1, HEDC #2, HEDC #3, HEDC #4, and HEDC #5. John Byrne’s adaption of “I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream” is omitted from the collection, perhaps due to Ellison’s disagreement over the adaptation. The framing sequences from the original issues are also reprinted with minor corrections and changes to take their new context into account. Some sequences are removed, others are rewritten, and others rearranged.

Other Editions

Also available in a signed limited hardcover edition of 750 signed by Ellison.

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