Al Williamson Adventures

Insight Studio Group, July 2003 ($34.95, ISBN: 1-889317-17-9)

editor, Mark Wheatley; introduction, Frank Cho; cover, Al Williamson

“Along The Scenic Route”

story, Harlan Ellison; art, Al Williamson; art assist, Carlos Garzon;


Al Williamson Adventures is a 2003 collection of short stories illustrated by Al Williamson. Included in the book is a reprinting of the story “Along The Scenic Route” which originally appeared in Ariel: The Book of Fantasy Vol. 3. Al Williamson Adventures also includes stories written by Mark Schultz (“One Last Job”), Archie Goodwin (“Relic” and “Out of Phase”), Mark Wheatley (“Tracker”), and Bruce Jones (“Cliff Hanger” and “The Few and the Far”). The book features an introduction by Liberty Meadows cartoonist Frank Cho.

Other Editions

Deluxe Edition, 2003, Insight Studio Group (signed by Al Williamson and limited to 500 copies)


  • Originally appeared in Ariel: The Book of Fantasy Vol 3.

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Along The Scenic Route

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