Hardware #10 (1993) Cover art by Denys Cowan & Jimmy PalmiottiIssue 10, December 1993, Milestone Comics ($1.50)

“In Harm’s Way”

writer, Dwayne McDuffie; art, Rich Buckler & Prentis Rollins;
painted color, Jason Scott Jones (as J. Scott J.), Prentis Rollins; letters, Dave Sharpe;
cover, Denys Cowan & Jimmy Palmiotti

Introduces the character Harm. Character and story title suggested by Harlan Ellison,


Harlan Ellison’s role in this issue is described in the letter column the following way:

“Credit where it’s due/look who thinks we’re cool dept.: A tip of the Milestone ballcap to celebrated essayist, novelist, television writer and talk-show host HARLAN ELLISON for his enthusiasm and support. It was he who, after effusively praising us at an industry gathering, suggested the name, ‘Harm’ for a character and ‘In Harm’s Way’ for an issue title. Dwayne has been a fan of Ellison’s work for many years and was thrilled to collaborate, even in such a small way, with one of his idols.”

The character of Harm continued to be used throughout the history of Milestone comics.

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