Dark Wolf #2 (Aug 1987) Cover art by Butch Burcham
Issue 2, August 1987, Malibu Comics ($1.95)

“Night Vision”

writer, R.A. Jones; art/cover, Butch Burcham; letters, Debbie Burcha

Ellison appears as himself, a friend to the main character.


Harlan Ellison makes an appearance as himself in this issue of R.A. Jone’s Dark Wolf. Dark Wolf was a violent vigilante book published by Malibu Comics during the “black & white boom” era of the mid- to late-Eighties. Ellison appears as an old friend of the main character’s alter-ego, Father Michael Tremaine. They have a chat in the confessional booth before the Father begins a day’s confession and Ellison leaves just as the antagonist for that issue, Holocaust, shows up.

Harlan is portrayed in “character” and is even introduced as “a decidedly unrepentant guest” in the narration. He even almost gets into a fight with Holocaust as he leaves the church.

The Ellison appearance is even used as a selling point in the solicitation for the book. In the “Back Issues!” column (advertising the other releases that month from Malibu) the book is described:

“Dark Wolf’s vendetta against the Lords continues. Harlan Ellison makes a guest appearance.”