Avengers 88 (May 1971) Cover art by Sal Buscema.

Volume 1 Issue 88, May 1971, Marvel Comics ($0.15)

“The Summons of Psyklop (In The Grip of Psyklop, part 1)”

story, Harlan Ellison; adaption, Roy Thomas;
pencils, Sal Buscema; inks, Jim Mooney;
letters, Shelly Lefreman;
cover, Sal Buscema and Jim Mooney


Part one of the story of the Incredible Hulk’s encounter with Psyklops, originally published in manuscript form as “The Hulk In The Grip of Psyklop” in Marvelmania Magazine #4. The story is concluded in Incredible Hulk #140.

The plot is described in “The Mighty Marvel Checklist” in the following way:

A monster from beyond time and space — the final caging of the Hulk — and the eeriest war-of-the-worlds this side of H.P. Lovecraft! Like weird!

The credits do an excellent job of explaining the roles of the writers and artists in this issue:

Story By: Harlan Ellison (That Means: He Conceived The Plot!)

Adaptation By: Roy Thomas (That Means: He Wrote The Dialogue!)

Art By: Sal Buscema (That Means: He Drew The Thing!)

Story Continued in Incredible Hulk #140


  • Reprinted in Stan Lee Presents The Marvel Comics Illustrated Version of The Incredible Hulk (1982)
  • Reprinted in Essential Avengers Vol 4
  • Reprinted in Essential Hulk Vol 3