Savage Dragon #68 (1992) Cover art by Erik Larsen.

Issue 68, October 1999, Image Comics ($2.50)

Megaton Man: “The Comicon On The Edge of Forever”

writer/artist, Don Simpson

A parody involving Harlan Ellison, by the artist/co-writer of normalman/Megaton Man.


Megaton Man began as a super-hero parody comic in the mid-80s. Originally published by Kitchen Sink Press, creator Don Simpson continued to expand his universe of superheroes throughout the 1990s in self-published books like Bizarre Heroes. In the late ’90s Megaton Man began appearing as a series of back-up stories in Image Comics founder Erick Larsen’s comic Savage Dragon.

This back-up story features Megaton Man at a comic convention examining author Harding Eddison’s anthology “At Least Damaging Aversions,” published not as a book but as a Virtual Reality Game wherein “the ‘reader’ is flown out to Los Angeles to help Harding complete work on the book.” Megaton Man then proceeds to accidentally destroy all copies of the work (along with reels of lost “Magnificent Ambersons” footage) with his Megaton Vision.

Don Simpson was also involved in the Harlan Ellison parody that appeared in the normalman/Megaton Man special.

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