Crazy Magazine #5 (Marvel Comics, 1974) [© Marvel Characters, Inc.]

Issue 5, July, 1974, Marvel Comics

“The Starloose!”

writer, Steve Gerber; artist, Robert Graysmith;
editor, Marv Wolfman; exectuve editor, Roy Thomas

Parody of the Harlan Ellison created television series The Starlost.


Crazy Magazine was Marvel Comics attempt at a Mad Magazine-type humor magazine it ran for about ten years, from the early 1970s to the early 1980s. Much of the material in the magazine was produced by Marvel Comics writers and artists.

This issue features a four-page series of television and movie parodies written by Steve Gerber with art by Robert Graysmith. Each page featured a new parody. Along with parodies of “The Way We Were” (“The Heck We Were!”), “Ozzie’s Girls” (“Oozie’s Girls”), and “Billy Jack” (“Billy Jerk”) appears “The Starloose!” a parody of the HE created television series “The Starlost”.

The parody includes two lines of dialogue parodying Ellison and the circumstances of him taking his name off of the series. During dialogue one character keeps mistaking another’s name, first saying “Bravo, Harlan! I mean… Cordwainer… or, Deviant! (Is that right?)” Later the gag is repeated as “You can say that again, Keir. Uh, Cordwai… Harl… Deviant! (Is that right?)” HE was very disatisfied with what was being done with the show and invoked a clause in his contract to have his name removed from the project., changing it to “Cordwainer Bird” on the credits.

HE also had an illustrated text piece appear in the first issue of Crazy Magazine.