Avengers #101 (July 1972) Cover art by Rich Buckler & Frank Giacoia.

Volume 1 Issue 101, July 1972, Marvel Comics ($0.20)

“Five Dooms To Save Tomorrow”

story/plot, Harlan Ellison; adaptation/script, Roy Thomas;
pencils, Rich Buckler; inks, Dan Adkins;
letters, Jon Costa; cover, Rich Buckler & Frank Giacoia
“Based on an original story ©1964 Harlan Ellison”


The third of Ellison’s early seventies trilogy of Marvel stories, “Five Dooms To Save Tomorrow!” tells the story of Leonard Tippit who is instructed by a Watcher to kill five people in order to save the future of the world. However, the Avengers enter the fray and things turn out to be not all that they appear to be.

The credits in the beginning of this issue include the copyright notice “Based On An Original Story Copyright 1964 Harlan Ellison And Used By Permission.


  • Reprinted in Avengers Vol 3 Issue 27, April 2000, Marvel Comics
  • Reprinted in Essential Avengers Vol 5