Batman: Black & White Vol. 2 (2002) Cover art by Mike Mignola

2002, DC Comics (Hardcover Edition, $39.95, ISBN: 1-56389-828-4)

editor-collected edition, Nick J. Napolitano and Scott Nybakken; cover, Mike Mignola

“Funny Money”

story, Harlan Ellison; art, Gene Ha;
letters, Ken Lopez; editor-original series, Mark Chiarello and Valerie D’Orazio


Batman: Black and White Vol. 2 collected the Batman: Black and White stories from Batman: Gotham Knights, #1-16 (2000-2001) along with five new stories. There have been two other Batman: Black and White collections: Vol. 1 (1998) collected the mini-series Batman: Black and White #1-4 (1996), and Vol. 3 (2007) collects stories from Batman: Gotham Knights #17-49 (2001-2004).

Harlan Ellison’s “Funny Money,” a collaboration with artist Gene Ha, is reprinted from Batman: Gotham Knights #13 (DC Comics, March 2001). The book also features work by creators such as Brian Azzarello, Kyle Baker, Jordi Bernet, Alan Brennert, John Buscema, John Byrne, Gene Colan, Howard Chayking, Chris Claremont, Paul Dini, Dave Gibbons, Alex Ross, and many more.

A softcover edition is also available.


  • Reprinted from Batman: Gotham Knights #13

Other Editions

  • Batman: Black and White Vol. 2, Softcover Edition, 2003, DC Comics