Weird Heroes Vol 2 (1975) Cover art by Jim Steranko

1975, Pyramid Books / Byron Preiss Visual Publications ($1.50, ISBN: 0-515-03746-X)

editor, Byron Preiss; cover, Jim Steranko

“The New York Review of Bird”

story, Harlan Ellison; illustrations, Neal Adams


Illustrated anthology produced by Byron Preiss. Also includes stories by Ted White (“Doc Phoenix” illustrated by Stephen Fabian), Charlie Swift (“The Camden Kid” illustrated by Steranko), Steve Englehart (“Viva” illustrated by Esteban Maroto), Elliot S. Maggin (“SPV 166–The Underground Express” illustrated by Ralph Reese and Paul Kirchner), and Philip Jose Farmer (“The Return of Greatheart Silver” illustrated by Tom Sutton). Also included is a “graphic story,” “Key To Gruaga,” by Alex Nino.

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