The Twilight Zone, Vol. 1, #1, direct market edition

Cover Date
November 1990
Publisher (Indicia)
NOW COMICS (A division of Caputo Publishing, Inc.)
Place of Publication
Chicago, IL
Cover Artist
52 p. ; 6.75 x 10.25 "
Publisher (Position)

The first issue of Now Comics anthology series inspired by the television series The Twilight Zone. This issue features an adaptation of Harlan Ellison's original teleplay for the episode Crazy As A Soup Sandwich.

This edition of the comic, distributed to the comic shops in the direct market, features a front cover of a painting/sculpture/mixed media piece by Bill Sienkiewicz, along with Crazy As A Soup Sandwich and Ellison's introduction "Riding The Daymare." It is published on standard comics paper. It also appears to be the first edition to reach market. The letters page which appears in The Twilight Zone Premiere edition states that Now Comics was purchased at this time, delaying publishing plans. There was no The Twilight Zone #2, and the book was then relaunched in 1991 with a new The Twilight Zone, Vol. 2, #1.

Other Content

This edition of the comic features a second Twilight Zone short story, “Wishing Book” by Don Glut, Eddy Newell & John Stangeland. It is also the only edition to feature non NOW Comics ads, with ten pages of ads in addition to the inside front & back covers and the back cover