DC Comics Presents: Justice League of America

Cover Date
October 2004
Place of Publication
New York City, New York
36 p. ; 6.75 x 10.25 "

Part of series of one shots celebrating the legacy of editor Julius Schwartz, created after Schwartz’s 2004 death. Each issue took a classic Schwartz “concept cover” and used it to inspire a new story. This issue used as its basis the cover to Justice League #53 by Mike Sekowsky and Murphy Anderson. José Luis Garcia-Lopez then created a new cover based on the original and Harlan Ellison wrote a new story inspired by it.

Other Content

The comic also featured a second story inspired by the cover, “Mayhem Of The Mysterious Marauders!” by Marv Wolfman and Dustin Nguyen and reprinted a memorial text piece written by Alan Moore, “For Julie Schwartz.”