Night and the Enemy, s/n hardcover

Cover Date
February 1987
Cover Artist
XX p ; 8.75 x 11.25"

The Graphitti Designs edition contains the same content as the Comico graphic novel in plus a new short story by Harlan Ellison with illustrations by Ken Steacy, in a hardcover edition signed by both Harlan Ellison and Ken Steacy. Contents, beyond those in the regular edition, include:

  • Signature page, featuring Harlan Ellison & Ken Steacy’s signatures and new piece of art, as well the number of the copy within the edition of 1500
  • A chapter divider featuring the art from the signature page, as well as a short introduction by Ellison concerning the new story.
  • “The Few The Proud”, a new Earth-Kyba war story appearing for the first time in this volume. Ken Steacy creates one new full page illustration, which was actually done before Ellison wrote the story.
  • “War Artist”, a new afterword by Ken Steacy.