Death Rattle #15

Cover Date
March 1988
Place of Publication
Princeton, Wisconsin
Cover Artist
36 p. ; 6.75 x 10.25 "

Genre focused underground anthology, Death Rattle #15 features stories and art by P.S. Mueller & Bill Hartwig, Jaxon, and John Wooley & Don Simpson. A full page of text, praising the anthology, appears just before the letters column. The same text is used in several previous issues of the anthology, first(?) appearing in Death Rattle #7 on a page formatted more like an ad. I am currently tracking to see if it began in a letters page or if it was always a separate text. A combination blurb/letter-of-comment/text piece/ad.

Other Content

This issue includes the following stories: "The Big Day Off" by P.S. Mueller and Bill Hartwig; "Bulto: The Priest Killer" by Jack (Jaxon) Jackson; and "The Good Listener" by John Wooley and Don Simpson.