Kid-Flash, mini-series

What Happened

In an article titled "Harlan Ellison Writes For DC" in The Comics Buyer's Guide #572 (November 2, 1984) two projects were announced. The first, a graphic novel adaptation of The Demon With The Glass Hand, would be published a few years later, adapted by Marshall Rogers. The second unfortunately was never released. It was to be a mini-series starring the Kid Flash, which would redefine the character. The article reads:

"The four-issue mini-series, on Baxter paper, grew out of a telephone conversation with Marv Wolfman over the way Wolfman had been handling Kid Flash in the New Teen Titans. 'I told Marv I didn't like what he was doing to Kid Flash,' Ellison said. 'I said he obviously didn't like the character and planned to have him die of a heart attack while running. He said, 'How did you know that?' and I said 'Because you're talking to someone who knows how to plot. I suggested another direction he could take and he liked it and went to Dick Giordano [DC Comics editor-in-chief] with it. Dick said it would make a mini-series. Marv said he couldn't write it, and they talked about who could. Finally, they thought of me.' Ellison said he felt more confident about writing comics since his recent issue of Daredevil. He said that the four-issue mini-series would be about Wally West, but that he would probably change his name from Kid Flash. 'Calling someone Kid Flash is so fifties,' he said. Ellison said that the miniseries would establish a new direction for the character."

Unfortunately, the series was never published, although I've seen [citation needed] that script was finished and several issues were drawn. Then in 1985 Crisis On Infinite Earths took over DC Comics. In Crisis #8 (November 1985) the Barry Allen Flash was killed. Following that, in Crisis #12, Kid Flash's health problems were cured and he took over the mantle of the Flash. The acts certainly killed any plans Ellison might have had for the character.

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