Demon With A Glass Hand by Marshall Rogers

Science Fiction Graphic Novel #5, DC Comics, 1987 ($5.95)

art and adaptation, Marshal Rogers;
coloring, Chris Goldberg, Rene Reynolds, and Marshal Rogers; lettering, Todd Klein; editor, Julius Schwartz


Adaption of Ellison’s teleplay for the Outer Limits episode “Demon With A Glass Hand” (Originally Aired October 17, 1964) starring Robert Culp. As it notes in the indicia it is an adaptation of the “original Author’s version, not rewritten shooting script as aired.”

The graphic novel was part of a series of graphic novels produced by DC in the late 80’s adapting stories by science-fiction authors. Others released include Ray Bradbury’s “Frost And Fire” with art by Klaus Janson; Robert Bloch’s “Hell On Earth” with art by Keith Giffen; George Martin’s “Sandkings” with art by Pat Broderick; and Robert Silverberg’s “Nightwings” with art by Gene Colan.